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Lauren Lee is a contemporary designer who specializes in jewelry, floral accessories, and interactive software. Her first creation as a child was outfitting her family of troll dolls with matching accessories. In college she designed jewelry, concentrating on mixed metals, taking seemingly disparate objects and transforming them into beautiful wearable art.

After she graduated, Lauren Lee followed her curiosity for technology and for the next 16 years developed psycho-educational software. When her creative side started calling for beauty over megabytes, she decided it was time to come back to the arts.

A true creative that has never taken the traditional road anywhere, Lauren Lee spent the next few years testing the waters with different ideas. She threw networking parties, marketed a line of clothing to promote the parties, designed aprons among other things, but nothing really stuck until she found silk flowers.

Lauren Lee set the trend in the floral accessory market, continually raising the bar with her exquisite, high quality silk flower clips, pins and earrings. She is on the cutting edge once again with her new creation, LaminArt. Following her passion seems easy for Lauren Lee as she traverses the path between art and technology.

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